Selma Medical Associates, Inc. Employee Benefits

The following is a summary of benefits avaliable to employees after completion of their 90-day initial hire period.

Pension and Profit Plan

Eligible after 2 years of service.

Continuing Education and Training

Annual Leave

Full time employees receive 15 days per year for the first three (3) years. One (1) additional day is added per year up to 25. Part time employees receive 7.5 days per year for the first three (3) years, then half (0.5) a day each additional year.

Holiday Leave

8 paid holidays per year.

Medical Benefits

Health Insurance: Available for full time employees. Employee is responsible for any dependent coverage desired.

Life Insurance: Avaliable for full time employees.

Healthcare Treatment: Full and part time employees are entitled to three (3) free physicians visits per calendar year.