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104 Selma Drive - Winchester, VA 22601 - (540) 678-2800
Internal Medicine
Appointment Appointments: (540) 678-2833 Nurse Nurse: (540) 678-2815
Doctors for Adults
Our Internists focus on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of severe and/or chronic illnesses in adults. They take pride in caring for their patients for life, whether it is in the office, during hospitalization, or in intensive care. All of our Internists are board certified and have received intensive training in all aspects of patient care including illness prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
Continuity of Care
All of our physicians have full privileges at Winchester Medical Center. This allows our physicians to care for our patients in clinic and also as an outpatient at the hospital. One of our physicians is is always on-call for emergencies.

Infectious Disease Clinic

Our Internists
Cyril A. Barch, MD, FACP
Michon Bechamps, MHS, MD, CMD, FACP
Emad M. Botros, MD, FACP
Mark Galbraith, MD, FACP
T. Avery Gibbs, MD, FACP
Sharon P. Peake, MD

Nurse Practitioners
Lisa Rader, DNP, ANP-BC
Janice Roy, FNP-C

Physician Assistants
Kathy R Floyd, PA-C
Richard Lewis, PA-C
Colleen Shendow, PA-C
Carla Sine, PA-C

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