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104 Selma Drive - Winchester, VA 22601 - (540) 678-2800
Weight Loss Center
Appointment Appointments: (540) 678-2805 Nurse Nurse: (540) 678-2805
We offer a medically supervised program that includes help with diet plans, medication management, lifestyle modification and exercise advice. We also offer a complete nutrition meal replacement program from Nutrimed.
After your initial physician assessment, your treatment plan will be tailored to you and your weight loss goals. We will follow your progress weekly and provide education and support throughout the journey. After your weight loss goal has been attained, we will work with you on a maintenance program to help you stay at a healthy weight.
Our program beings with a comprehensive initial physician consultation which includes biometric scale measurement, nutritional assessment, medical history review and behavior assessment. An EKG (electrocardiogram) and blood work will be performed at your initial visit and periodically throughout your course of treatment to ensure safe weight loss.

Our Specialists

Michon Bechamps, MHS, MD, CMD, FACP
Sharon P. Peake, MD

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